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Why use Proprep?

University life can be hard work. Aside from lectures, exams, revision and challenging assignments, we know how tough it is to fit in the fun stuff and not let your grades slip. Which is why Proprep is the helping hand you need

How To Up Your Time Management Game

One of the best reasons to use *Proprep is to up your time management game. We all know how busy student life is and it’s all too easy to miss lectures, forget crucial information and cram at the last minute, all while kicking yourself. If that sounds familiar, here’s how to work on changing your mindset for the better.

9 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Exam Period

While some students can get away with cramming at the last minute, we all know the smarter way to study is to prepare in advance for the exam period. From having a decent revision plan to understanding what you need to know and why, here’s how to get yourself exam-ready without eating up all your time

The five best ways to study maths

Studying mathematics effectively at an undergraduate level is often about finding new ways to study. It can take time, for instance, learning how to take the right notes and how to pace yourself when working alone. If you are keen to find more effective ways to study, we can help. Here are five ways to master your maths study needs.

How do the top students study for STEM exams?

Doing well in STEM degrees relies heavily on your performance in exams. If you want to know how the top students make it look so easy, here are some of their best study tips.

How to look after your mental health during the lockdown

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing isn't easy during lockdown. You may be self-isolating at home or living in a cramped room with shared facilities. Whatever your situation here's how to stay well.

8 free apps and tools to help you study and socialise more effectively

If you're looking for some extra support during the lockdown look no further than your smartphone and laptop. The key to feeling connected and getting more out of studying and socialising is at your fingertips.